Changing The Narrative

1532027_652658384775847_726380511_nWar on drugs, war on poverty, war on terror, fighting for your life, never-ending exporting of fear and cruelty. Tearing down the rain-forest, taking over countries, pushing drugs on TV, decimating civil liberties…

An endless march on personal individuality & freedoms in america and abroad.

Creating a race of economic slaves worldwide, enslaved by the system that has allowed 143 corporations to control 80% of the world GDP.

And what has been created is more war, more terror, more hate, all orchestrated by a shadowy few who control by divisiveness, greed and extreme regulatory restrictions.

We are not powerless- we are sovereign beings endowed with inalienable rights by the our creator.

The web of entanglement does not need to be used for destruction anymore, but we must wake up and love and refuse to hate our fellow human beings anymore, even those that are creating the darkness. Because we are light beings and we must turn on the lights for everyone….

The horrible disease affecting mankind right now is “Not Enough” we are amazing beings, living in an amazingly abundant multiverse, yet we have believed the lie perpetuated on us by the few- we have been indoctrinated into the matrix of not enough so they might have control.

Happy contented, self assured people don’t need to be slaves, they don’t need to buy every gadget and do-hickey that comes along. They don’t need manufactured diets, expensive gadgets or toys, they don’t need to run away from themselves with entertainment, drugs and alcohol…

They are set free by the vibration of the universe- sovereign on all fronts. We were not meant to be slaves. The minute a job, manufactured monetary system, a commercial driven dialogue, or a narrative no longer controls us- we are then free to live and create and determine our own empowerment.

Let’s take our lives back today- right now.

Unity or Conformity?

Unity is a wonderful thing and it helps people develop empathy for their fellow human travelers on spaceship earth!

But the downside is what we are seeing in society and media now and that’s conformity bias. If you don’t agree with me- you are automatically labeled as wrong or denigrated mercilessly! Conformity always leads to conflict and sometimes genocide.

We as enlightened space travelers need to be cognizant of the dangers of labels and conformity. We are all human beings- we need to stop allowing the labeling that negates us- I am not my label!

I refuse to be a chosen color or a chosen nationality or a chosen gender stereotype If we refuse to allow the stereotyping we will then be able to move into a much kinder world.

43546357_10156381171706928_1696839543111548928_nA world where people are valued as beings of value and worth, not as artificial constructs of what society IE Wall St and the military industrial construct places artificial value on–we are so much more- all we need to do is refuse the labels!

The Zen of Ballet



Chapter 1: No one starts at the top…

No one walks into the classroom and learns swan lake – 1st you learn the basics

Practice tendus and plies until your body becomes acclimated, and your mind does too!

Then practice harder and harder steps until you begin to master and control the outcome.

Your body adjusts to what your mind conceives of.

Finally, you begin to “dance over” the steps- you can do the steps so now you can act the part you are playing, you are a dancer.

In “Outliers” it was observed that mastery takes 10,000 hours. Mastery of dance, technology, business, anything.

Humans have a “normalcy bias” or “change blindness”. These autonomic functions help us to live seamlessly without having to reason through every action and reaction. These are highways formed in the brain to allow us to do day-to-day chores without thinking.

A ballet dancer develops routes in the brain to control the steps, then they need only think of the combinations being requested of them. IE, to dance Swan Lake.

An accountant has different highways in the brain; calculations are a way of life, so they need only consider the specific applications of those calculations. IE, Write a pro-forma report or profit and loss statement for a specific business.

An artist has another type of pathway formed for using the medium they create with. They are skilled at using brushes, paints, clay or pencils; they do not have to reason through those processes anymore, they simply make use of the skills they have developed.

A computer programmer does not have to re-learn java or C++ every time they sit down to work on a specific platform. They are well acclimated – the highway of skill exists, and they are able to work magic with their skill!

Someone created the programs on this computer that allow me to type this book!

Sometimes programmers miss some key elements… Such a GPS sending me down a cow-path, or routing my daughter 25 miles out of the way on a 30 mile trip, or my husband having to pull a lady’s car out of a stream where she followed GPS… When these things happen, we simply call it “EPIC FAIL” and move on. But when it’s our own brains sending us down the cow-path or the rabbit hole- we must reprogram, and that’s what this book is about! See you in the next chapter!



Misplaced Perseverance

Misplaced Perseverance—all the experts tell us persevere, and that’s great advice—well meaning and earnestly said. Yet everyone preservers—the thing that really matters is preservers at WHAT? Homeless people will persevere through the most dire circumstances, people in poverty will make do until there is nothing left to make do with. I know times in my life that I persevered for very worthy goals, like becoming a ballet dancer, and other times I persevered in helping people in hopeless situations that were bound and determined to sink the ship with me on it.


So where does the reality lie in all of this advice? As far as I have been able to gather in all my years on this planet, it starts and ends with your beliefs. The solution is like a chess game, the rules are incredibly simple, the strategies are endless…So I now have condensed things to a 2 step process. If you are honest with your self and your sub-conscious, you will prevail!

1st, will it work? Every time I persevered, I believed that this was the right thing to do—or even believed that this was the ONLY thing to do… When I was persevering to become a dancer, I believed it was the thing I was put on this planet to do. When my husband and I have taken in homeless people, they believed completely in their failures, they truly believed there was no other way, they just could not achieve like everybody else. So, really, will this work? Is anyone else doing it? Then YES of course it will work, it’s already being done!

2nd, who am I? Am I that person that can solve this problem, am I the person that can succeed at THIS particular endeavor? That’s the sticky question, can I succeed? Can I do what someone else is doing (alive or dead) That is the critical belief! Am I good enough? And If not – why not? What are my perceived “lacks”?

I usually start the list with my strong points. Whenever I start something new, I detail what it is I know on the list of need to know is. When I set out to learn CAD systems in the early 90s I knew that I had been using computers since before PC, I am smart, I design clothing, I am good at math. That was enough to convince me to go for it, and it worked, I just remembered who I am.

It works perfectly in the reverse too. When I set out to run a clothing design business, I “knew” I was not a business person, I was not good at learning by the seat of my pants (as every business person told me to do) I required training(but training really is by the seat of your pants) For years, I failed at “business” I worked for non-profits. Until it hit me like a ton of bricks, I do know all about the process of saving a non-profit and turning it around and I learned from some mentoring and simply by doing it! And most importantly, it’s easier to save a failing business that it is to save a non-profit!

So, how will you persevere today? I hope it’s for everything that helps make your dreams come true!

Wow Factor

Recycled Fashion and The Designers: Gary Harvey

by Body Beauty

Fashion designers, eco-conscious or not, are picking up on this eco-trend, taking a risk and taking vintage couture design to a higher level. Take Gary Harvey , for example, he can take a pair of jeans, newspaper, trench coats, army jackets or wedding dresses and turn them into stylish vintage ball-gowns that would make any eco-conscious princess hopeful for a greener and prettier place.

Gary Harvey is the former Creative Director of Levi Strauss and Dockers Europe designer for Levi’s. He began designing his environmentally friendly dresses during a freelance fashion campaign. He needed something dramatic for a shoot so he took 42 pairs of Levi’s 501’s and made them into a dress. He has continued designing eco-fashion since.

His first collection of eco-designs was showcased in February of this year at London Fashion Week for Estethica. Estethica “is the hotspot for ethical fashion, where designers will show collections founded on ecological and organic principles.” Take a look at his collection here.

He doesn’t just recycle clothing to make his innovative designs either. This one dress to the left was made with cans, bottle tops and cardboard boxes.

What else will Gary Harvey come with in the future? Only Gary Harvey knows, but I would like to see him make a dress out of flip flops, curtains, mini blinds or even carpet.

Via Treehugger and Telegraph

Very Easy Tutu Pattern

Digital sewing patterns for Ballet
by DressMakers Choice
Coloured Pancake TUTUT and Classic Bodice
Coloured line drawing Style 100 Classic Boidce
Pattern 100 Classic Bodice

Classic styling
8 piece boned bodice
Faced top line
Hook & eye back closure
Compatible with all DressMakers Choice TUTUs

Coloured line drawing Style 110 Scoop Bodice
Pattern 110 Scoop Neck Bodice

Scoop style neckline front & back
8 piece boned bodice
Finishes at waist
Corded top and bottom
Hook & eye back closure
Compatible with all DressMakers Choice TUTUs

Coloured line drawing Style 120 Sweetheart Bodice
Pattern 120 Sweetheart Bodice

10 piece sweetheart neckline bodice
Hidden boning
Corded top and bottom
Straight back with hook & eye closure
Compatible with all DressMakers Choice TUTUs

Coloured line drawing Style 130 Nude Insertp Bodice
Pattern 130 Nude Insert Bodice

12 piece Nude Insert bodice, boned
Corded top and bottom. “V” back with double elastics
Hook & eye closure
Compatible with all DressMakers Choice TUTUs

Coloured line drawing Style 140 Russian Bodice
Pattern 140 Russian Bodice

12 Piece Russian ‘All-in-One’ bodice
Hidden boning
Straight front, full coverage
Straight back with hook & eye closure
Corded top and bottom
Not recommended to pair with DressMakers Choice
TUTU Style 300.

Coloured line drawing Style 200 Pancake TUTU
Pattern 200 Pancake TUTU

12 layers of gathered crinoline skirts
(*9 continuous, 3 seat ruffles)
attached to a shaped pantie with a corded basque
Includes optional leg ruffles & hoop
* number of skirt layers adjusted for girls sizes
Compatible with all DressMakers Choice Bodices

Coloured line drawing Style 300 Princess TUTU
Pattern 300 Princess Romantic TUTU

4 layers of gathered tulle skirts starting at the waist
Attached to an under basque with a stretch pantie
Not recommended to pair with DressMakers Choice Bodice Style 140

Coloured line drawing Style 400 EuroBell TUTU
Pattern 400 EuroBell TUTU

6 layers* of gathered skirts
Attached to a pantie on a high basque
Can be made with Tulle or Crinoline
* number of skirt layers adjusted for girls sizes
Compatible with all DressMakers Choice Bodices

Coloured line drawing Style 500 Serenade TUTU
Pattern 500 Serenade Romantic TUTU

4 layers of gathered tulle skirts
Attached to a stretch pantie on a corded, low basque
Compatible with all DressMakers Choice Bodices